Night School Program at FutureSkills High School

One of FutureSkills teachers tutoring her student, who is studying at FutureSkills private secondary School in Toronto, CanadaWe offer English, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Arts and Computers to grade 11 and 12 students as part of our night school program. Full time, part time and adult students whether local or international are equally welcome enroll in these courses. Our night school program is divided into three main semesters for grade 12 students:


Semester# of Class Per WeekClass Duration
Fall32 hours 45 minutes
Winter44 hours
Spring22 hours 45 minutes

And two main semesters for grade 11 students:


Semester# of Class Per WeekClass Duration
Term 122 hours 45 minutes
Term 222 hours 45 minutes

For more information on the courses offered in each term, please check our schedule.