Customised Education Plan

One of FutureSkills teachers tutoring her student, who is studying at FutureSkills private secondary School in Toronto, CanadaStudents may earn secondary credit courses in three different ways as follow:

  • In Class study: This is the most common and most affordable way to earn credit courses.
  • Private One on One instruction: This is suitable for students with special need or student needed a credit course faster than our normal schedule. In this scenario, there will be no fixed schedule. Student sees his or her teacher on a one on one basis. The length of the course is controlled by student. However, the 110 hours of instructions which is required and set by the ministry of education will be followed.
  • Online Study (virtual school): Some students may not be able to attend school due to illness, work, other commitments or because they live too far from Toronto. Consequently, FutureSkills High School offers on-line courses also known as elearning or virtual school, through a variety of online courses. Internet based courses allow students to complete accredited high school credits from the comfort of their home. On-line or e-learning courses are subject to supervised exams. Students who live in the GTA area (The Greater Toronto) are expected to attend FutureSkills for their major exams. Otherwise, they must arrange for a proctor, approved by FutureSkills, at their own expense.